Thursday, October 22, 2009

worm bin!

So, i believe this is my first post about the worm bin as project grow. In an ideal world, it would be in this post that i discussed my thought process and reasoning for choosing this as a design problem, as the act of choosing a design problem is a design problem in itself. However, i want to devote an entire later post to this discussion, and will exclude it from the current post, which is focusing on the first three dimensional iteration of the the worm bin. The scale of the bin is about 11 1/2 inches square, and 20 inches tall. I want to work with a worm bin the scalable, and the scalability of this bin will come from differently sized middle sections, while keeping the top and the bottom the same. That way, I can focus on the complexity of the "working ends" and avoid unnecessary material waste while exploring issues of pure volume. I calculated the volume to be 6.5 gallons not accounting for the round corners, and found online that the minimum recommended size for a worm bin would be about 3-5 gallons. To increase volume, the middle section (where the worm reside) can be increased.

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